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An array of satellites... hundreds of convoys...and thousands of retailers, yearning to unleash the power of  technology...

But only an ingenious few can shape the future, developing satellite GPS based logistic systems for the world’s most sophisticated fleet operations and RFID systems for world’s largest retailers!
If you are a professional aspiring for a challenge beyond comparision, and more importantly wants to stand amongst that exclusive few, hop into our yatch...

We are sure you will enjoy the cruise.....
To apply for a position, visit the profile page for the position and mail your resume to Please do mention the job ID in the subject of the E-mail.
You may alternately sent your resumes by post.

Due to large number of inquiries we receive regarding opportunities, phone calls and faxes in this regard are highly discouraged and will not be responded to under any circumstance. 

Good luck with your application!

Current Opportunities

 Principal IT Analyst / Engineer
 Lead IT Analyst / Engineer
 Senior IT Analyst / Engineer
 IT Analyst / Engineer
 Junior IT Analyst / Engineer
 Senior Graphics Visualizer
 Graphics Visualizer
 Junior Graphics Visualizer
 Senior Technical Writer
 Technical Writer
 Junior Technical Writer
 Office Administration Manager
 Office Executive
 Junior Office Executive
 Security Guard
 Network Technician
 Project Manager
 Director of Quality
 Director of Solution Management
 Junior Quality Control Engineer
 Marketing Manager
 Solution Management Intern
 Accounts Manager
 Recruiting Executive
 Customer Support Executive
 Chief Operating Officer
 Technical Writer Intern
 Senior Product Administrator
 Product Administrator
 Junior Product Administrator
 Product Administration Intern
 Graphic Visualizer Intern
 IT Analyst / Engineer Intern
 Office Executive Intern
 Junior Quality Assurance Engineer
 Junior Release and Configuration Engineer
 Junior Marketing Analyst
 Marketing Analyst Intern
 Application Architect
 Quality Manager
 User Interface Engineer
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